Self Development Course

After years of penance, the most Revered Apostle of Jainism, Acharya Shri Shiv Muni Ji has formulated a well organized (systematic) uniform practical course on spiritual sciences for each and every person of all castes and faiths through which it can attain peace and gain inner knowledge and bliss within one’s own religion. Its objective is to carry the practiser from an ordinary living style to spiritual living style in conformity with Jain principles. Religion is a life style. Bliss is our character. Peace is within us and knowledge is self realization. Even then, the human being gets trapped in the circle of sadness and innocence? Why inner enemies viz ego, anger, pride, greed, hatred, jealously and maya continue to over power? Answer to all these question is liberation from self.

Self realization leads to health, peace of mind and feeling of bliss within, where as purity of self is a pre-requisite for self realization. Purity of self means purity of body, mind and speech. In this course we work at all the three levels. It is a practice of complete discipline (control), discipline lies inaction. It is the practice of complete control over inaction which provides a state of complete bliss. It is attained through the medium of purity of body, food, thought and meditation. It is the meditation alone which was practiced by ancient “Yogis” & to propagate this system, we have framed the “Self Development Course” which is an attempt to present this vast knowledge in a brief but comprehensive capsule form.

It is said that experience alone and not only the word changes the lifestyle. Thus, this course is experience based. You too shall have to experience the same for understanding its actual content and properties. You are always welcome to share this experience by passing through the following classes.

It is a two days course during which one has to devote 3 hours only each day of the workshop. The course contents include introduction, feeling of responsibility, leadership development, awakening of knowledge, yogic exercises, meditation, controlled respiration, prayers etc. The course provides relief from numerous diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, heart ailments, asthma, sinusitis etc. It also liberate persons from bad habits, the course is being run in various cities of India. The course is open to all irrespective of religion, community, caste, etc.

This course will be for two days i.e. from 10.00 A.M. to 5 P.M. In this course one has to go into deep silence, meditation, Yoga, deep sadhna on bhed vigyan i.e. difference between body and soul. During this camp, the ascetics (Shrawak or Shrawika) have to go into deep silence, meditation yoga, sadhna on bhed vigyan ie difference between soul and body, and also undergo yogic exercises , Karyotsarga besides yog nidra. . This helps the ascetics to study the course intensively. The course helps the ascetic to come out of the physical and mental obstacles through intensive meditation of self purification. The trainee at this stage becomes a spiritually enlightened ascetic. The trainees should wear the necessary clothing good for Samayik. Food and accommodation shall be provided by the Jain Centre.

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